sexta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2013

International New York Times Journalists’ Zoology: Raphael Minder - a Precarious Compound of Decadent Bacteria and Viruses

Some time ago a friend told me: “Of the 100 trillion cells in your body, only 10 trillion of them are you. The others only live there. And that doesn't even take into consideration all the junk that accumulates over a lifetime. You are much less than 90% of you. You’re merely a host with a brain.”

Raphael Minder?! Who is Raphael Minder?! What is Raphael Minder?! Not a donkey…, no, it does not have the kindness of the donkey species! And it does not certainly have the dignity of the donkeys! Because to have kindness is to have dignity, since kindness is exercise, an exercise of intelligence and Raphael Minder only seems capable of exercises of stupidity.

It is not worth to make an extensive and intensive analysis of the crisis that is striking Europe and that has ramifications in the illuminated United States of America, the same America that birthed itself with the genocide of an indigenous people. The same America that assumes itself as an Imperium, in dynamics of leadership for enslavement of the species human and non-human, and, of course, for the enslavement of the planet itself.

Hey, Raphael Minder, human animal with neurons that exclude the “generous” neutrinos. Don’t know what neutrinos are?! How could you possibly know, if you only think with two neurons: one for inclusion and another for exclusion.

Regarding Portuguese “donkeys”, we are a melting pot of Celts, Iberians, Romans, Germanics, and Moorish, yes a lot of Moorish blood flows in the Portuguese People, flows in the cognitive matrix of the Portuguese..., extreme Atlantic Occident of those that dared to go beyond the protective order in search for the unknown hybris, also in search for the metaphysical sense of Saudade in the reason that forms the alterity of the motion, risking the life in the dyad determination/indetermination, yes, we are Portuguese...

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